Acquired the graduation qualification of Tokyo University of Social Welfare simultaneously | Nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher, social worker, care worker

Tachibana Gakuen Designated school by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Department of social welfare
Social Welfare Course

  • Department of Social Welfare / Social Welfare Course

    4year system Together with Department of Social Welfare, Tokyo Welfare University Faculty of Social Welfare

    • You can obtain a graduation qualification from Tokyo University of Social Welfare and get a job as a university graduate.
    • You can acquire qualifications for social worker certification without practical experience.
    • National exam and public service exam preparation measures are substantial.
    • Because it is an advanced Tokyo Welfare University curriculum, I can learn the latest welfare system and advanced social work theory easily.
    • We can receive detailed guidance by the homeroom teacher system.
    Department of social welfare Social Welfare Course

    保育 - 介護 - ビジネス名古屋専門学校
    社会福祉学科 社会福祉コース 2 /
    前田 伊吹さん


    講義形式の授業で得た知識を活かし, 実践的に学ぶことができるフィールドワークの授業が多く設けられています。福祉施設や福祉機器展, 人権センターの見学など, 学校外の場で福祉の現状に接することで, 学習したことをより深く理解するきっかけに。施設を訪問した際などは, 積極的に利用者の方と会話するように心がけました。

    熱心な先生の指導で充実した毎 。

    社会福祉士の資格取得を目指して当校へ。先生方の熱心な指導のもと, 強い意志を持って資格取得へ向けて学習に励むことができています。特に印象に残っているのはジェンダー論に関する授業です。社会的な問題を自身と照らし合わせながら学べるように, わかりやすい授業を展開してくださる先生に感謝しています。


    講義形式の授業だけではなく, 学生一人ひとりが参加できるディスカッションの授業が豊富に設定されています。自らの思いを伝えながらも他者の意見を受容すること, メンバーそれぞれの異なる意見をまとめることを通じ, コミュニケーション能力がアップ。利用者や家族の方との意思疎通が肝となる福祉の現場で役立つ力だと感じます。

    A workplace where you can work

    Welfare office, social welfare council, social welfare facility in general, child guidance center, medical institution etc.

    Eligible qualifications - teacher's license

    Qualifications that you can acquire when you graduate from a vocational school

    Advanced specialist
    Recreation - Instructor qualification
    *A recruitment student can not acquire recreational / instructor qualifications.

    Qualifications and licenses that you can acquire when you graduate from university

    Bachelor's degree (social welfare studies) Social work welfare exam examination eligibility Social welfare official appointment qualification Child guidance appointment qualification Child welfare manager appointment qualification (required work experience) Welfare worker for the disabled Personnel qualification Eligibility for mentally handicapped welfare workers Senior high school teacher type of license (welfare) (applicant) Senior high school teacher type of license (citizen) (applicant) Special support school teacher type 1 license letter (applicant) Elementary school teacher kind of license letter (applicant) Mental health care worker entrance examination qualification (applicant) Social education supervisor status [basic qualification] (applicant)
    * Qualifications that can be obtained at the time of graduation from the university · Those with a teacher's license letter (applicant) are qualifications / teacher's license that can be obtained by taking additional courses at the university · Attendance at additional costs · Intensive classes etc are required is. Since additional courses to acquire a teacher's license will be self-study, we recommend that you select qualifications and teacher's license that you want to take according to your future goals and the job you want to accomplish.
    * Special support school teacher To acquire a type of license letter, one of the kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school teacher's license (one or two) is required as a basic qualification. For those who do not have a teacher's license at all, in order to acquire a type of special support school teacher's license certificate at this department, you must register one of the license certificates of elementary school / senior high school teacher at the same time, It is necessary to pay the extra cost and to acquire the unit in addition. Please note that a nursing-teacher-type license letter can not be used as a basic qualification.

    What kind of work

    Living support person / life counselor

    Receive consultation from facility users and make liaison adjustments and advice from entry to departure and give assistance to all welfare facilities in general.

    Case worker

    We will consult with municipal officials and welfare offices and give specific advice and assistance to solve problems according to those circumstances.

    Medical social worker (MSW)

    In hospitals and public health centers, we receive consultation about patient troubles and economic problems of patients and their families, self-sustained social life after discharge, and support social reintegration.

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