Acquired the graduation qualification of Tokyo University of Social Welfare simultaneously | Nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher, social worker, care worker

Tachibana Gakuen Designated school by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Department of social welfare
Psychology course

  • Department of Social Welfare / Psychology Course

    4year system Together with Tokyo University of Social Welfare psychology department psychology department

    • You can obtain a graduation qualification from Tokyo University of Social Welfare and get a job as a university graduate.
    • After graduation, you can choose to go on to graduate school psychology at Tokyo Welfare University (clinical psychologist type 1 designated graduate school).
    • It is one of the few vocational schools in the Tokai area where you can also learn practical psychology using psychological tests.
    • You can also learn social welfare assistance methods closely related to psychology such as social welfare and mental health welfare.
    • We can receive detailed guidance by the homeroom teacher system.
    Department of social welfare Psychology course

    保育 - 介護 - ビジネス名古屋専門学校
    社会福祉学科 心理学コース 2 /
    古田 裕也さん

    精神保健福祉士国家試験受験資格を追加で履修し, 就職先の幅を広げます。

    心理学を専門的に学べる進学先を探していた時, 当校では専門学校と大学の卒業資格を両方取得できることを知り, 入学を決意しました。可能性を限定しないためにも, 現時点では具体的に就職先を絞り込まず, 社会福祉士 - 精神保健福祉士国家試験受験資格を追加履修することで自分自身の見識や進路の選択肢を広げたいと考えています。

    実践も取り入れ, 心理学で利用される生きた統計手法を学習できます。

    先生方の趣向を凝らした授業のおかげで学習意欲を高く保つことができます。中でも関心を持ったのは統計法の授業です。実際に学生にアンケートを取り, 統計して導き出した結果について, その背景や要因を話し合います。同じ結果に対しても一人ひとりまったく異なる意見が出るなど, 多様な解釈ができることを実感しました。

    ロールプレイやアンケート統計, ディスカッションなどで楽しみながら心理学のスキルが身につけます。

    少人数制の授業が多いため, 先生に質問がしやすく, ディスカッション形式の授業ではコミュニケーション力を磨くことができます。特にディスカッションの授業では, 自分の意見を主張するだけではなく, 他の学生の意見を聞くことで物事を客観的に見ることができるように。心理学の学びを深めるためにも非常に役立っています。

    A workplace where you can work

    Mental disabled facilities, mental disabled person day care centers, short-term treatment facilities for affective disorders such as social welfare facilities in general, medical institutions, public health centers, schools, etc.

    Eligible qualifications - teacher's license

    Qualifications that you can acquire when you graduate from a vocational school

    Advanced specialist
    Recreation - Instructor qualification
    *A recruitment student can not acquire recreational / instructor qualifications.

    Qualifications and licenses that you can acquire when you graduate from university

    Bachelor (psychology) Certified psychologist Social welfare official appointment qualification Child guidance appointment qualification Child welfare officer qualification Welfare worker for the disabled Personnel qualification Eligibility for mentally handicapped welfare workers Social work welfare examiner exam qualification (applicant) Mental health welfare examiner exam examination qualification (applicant) Special support school teacher type 1 license letter (applicant) School nurse teacher type of license (applicant) Elementary school teacher kind of license letter (applicant) Senior high school teacher type of license (welfare) (applicant) Senior high school teacher type of license (citizen) (applicant) Junior high school / High school teacher type 1 license type (health) (applicant)
    * Qualifications that can be obtained at the time of graduation from the university · Those with a teacher's license letter (applicant) are qualifications / teacher's license that can be obtained by taking additional courses at the university · Attendance at additional costs · Intensive classes etc are required is. Since additional courses for acquiring qualification and teacher's license will be self-study, we recommend that you select qualifications and teacher's license that you want to take according to your future goals and the job you want to take.
    * Special support school teacher To acquire a type of license letter, one of the kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school teacher's license (one or two) is required as a basic qualification. For those who do not have a teacher's license at the same time, in order to acquire a type of special support school teacher's license certificate at this department, you must register one of the license certificates of one of the primary school, junior high school, and senior high school teacher license certificates , It is necessary to pay the prescribed fee and to acquire the unit in addition. Please note that a nursing-teacher-type license letter can not be used as a basic qualification.

    What kind of work

    Psychiatric social worker (PSW)

    A spirit that adjusts so that employees and their families can receive the necessary support to live a rich life at work that softens the conflict of the minds of people with problems in mental health, provides consultation and assistance for returning to society He is a specialist in health and welfare.


    It is a job to help the counselor improve the problem of the mind by using psychological knowledge, technology, therapy etc. while mainly conducting dialogue so that the problem solver can be solved by oneself.

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