Acquired the graduation qualification of Tokyo University of Social Welfare simultaneously | Nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher, social worker, care worker

Tachibana Gakuen Designated school by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Department of social welfare
Nursery child welfare course

  • Department of Social Welfare / Child Care Welfare Course

    4year system Together with Tokyo University of Social Welfare Child Care College Child Care Course
    * From April 2018, changed Department of childcare Children of social welfare department

    • You can obtain a graduation qualification from Tokyo University of Social Welfare and get a job as a university graduate.
    • A kindergarten teacher 's type of license can be obtained.
    • Civil service nursery teacher exam measures is substantial.
    • Because it is an advanced Tokyo Welfare University curriculum, you can learn not only the practice of nursery schools but also neighboring fields such as social welfare, psychology and mental health.
    • We have a wealth of teaching staff with nursery school experience experiences, and you can receive guidance taking advantage of the voices of the site.
    • Students with little experience in piano will be able to play the piano with abundant practical lessons and individual guidance.
    • We can receive detailed guidance by the homeroom teacher system.
    Department of social welfare Nursery child welfare course

    保育 - 介護 - ビジネス名古屋専門学校
    社会福祉学科 保育児童福祉コース 4 /
    清水 桃子さん

    手厚いピアノ授業で, 自分の成長を感じます。

    保育や教育の現場では欠かすことのできないピアノ。当校では一人一台ピアノを使用できる音楽室があるなど, ピアノに触れる機会が多くあり, 音楽が苦手な学生も楽しみながら学べる環境です。また, 先生との距離が近いため, わからないことがあってもすぐに教えてもらえるなど正しい指づかいを身につけることができます。

    学科を超えて友人ができ, 学生生活が充実します。

    夢を叶えようという意識の高い学生が多い学校です。学科やコースの枠を超えた授業や, 学校内の行事が多いことから, 所属学科 - コース以外の学生と交流する機会が多いことも刺激に。友人たちと切磋琢磨しながらこの学校で過ごした 々を励みに, 将来は子どもたちの気持ちを理解し, 意欲を高められるような保育者になりたいです。


    系列保育園の茶屋とくしげ保育園で行う事前実習の際には, 子どもたちの前で劇を披露しました。子どもの反応を直接目にすることで, 些細な言葉かけの違いが子どもに与える影響や, 保育者としてのかかわり方を体感。先輩保育者の方々の仕事風景を間近で見ることができ, 働く現場の苦労や喜びなどを実感する機会にもなりました。

    A workplace where you can work

    Nursery school, infant school, child care facility, childcare entrance facility, child home support center, children's hall, kindergarten, welfare office, social welfare council, social welfare facility in general etc.

    Eligible qualifications - teacher's license

    Qualifications that you can acquire when you graduate from a vocational school

    Advanced specialist
    Recreation - Instructor qualification
    *A recruitment student can not acquire recreational / instructor qualifications.

    Qualifications and licenses that you can acquire when you graduate from university

    Bachelor's degree (Childcare Child Studies) Childminder Social welfare official appointment qualification Child guidance appointment qualification Child welfare manager appointment qualification (required work experience) Welfare worker for the disabled Personnel qualification Eligibility for mentally handicapped welfare workers Kindergarten teacher type one license Social work welfare examiner exam qualification (applicant) Elementary school teacher kind of license letter (applicant) School nurse teacher type of license (applicant) Special support school teacher type 1 license letter (applicant) Social education supervisor status [basic qualification] (applicant)
    * Qualifications that can be obtained at the time of graduation from the university · Those with a teacher's license letter (applicant) are qualifications / teacher's license that can be obtained by taking additional courses at the university · Attendance at additional costs · Intensive classes etc are required is. Because kindergarten teacher type 1 certificate other than a license · additional course subject for acquiring a teacher's license will be self-study, we recommend that you select qualifications and teacher's license that you want to take according to your future goals and the job you want to take To do.
    * Special support school teacher To acquire a type of license letter, one of the kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school teacher's license (one or two) is required as a basic qualification. For those who do not have a teacher's license at all, in order to acquire a type of special education teacher's teacher's license in this department, you must register one of the licenses of kindergarten / elementary school teacher's license at the same time, It is necessary to pay the cost and to acquire the unit in addition. Please note that a nursing-teacher-type license letter can not be used as a basic qualification.

    What kind of work


    We support children's healthy growth and support parents in childcare for children nursing at childcare centers and child welfare facilities (0 to 18 years old) who are not in child care.

    kindergarten teacher

    Early childhood (3 years old to 5 years old) is nursed at kindergarten, education necessary for early childhood is carried out in order to cultivate the foundation of education after elementary school enrollment while supporting infant's healthy growth.

    Child instructor

    It is a professional staff who conducts lifestyle guidance, learning guidance, advice on daily life etc. so that children grow to rich human beings at child welfare facilities. It also covers child rearing and social relations, such as communication with schools and interviews with parents.

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