Acquired the graduation qualification of Tokyo University of Social Welfare simultaneously | Nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher, social worker, care worker

Tachibana Gakuen Designated school by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

Department of Care and Welfare

  • Department of Care and Welfare

    2year system
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    • After graduation, if you enter the social welfare course of our school as it is, you can also acquire the qualifications for graduating from Tokyo Welfare University and qualification for social worker certification.
    • A nursing care worker etc. scholarship lending system can be used.
    • We can receive detailed guidance by the homeroom teacher system.
    • Everyone can acquire nursing care insurance clerk and recreational instructor qualification at the time of graduation, and opens the way to clerical work such as the elderly home.
    • Establishment Traditional school for over 15 years. There are also graduates who are in management positions, so the network of employment is substantial.

    Special scholarship system (All members are not paid / refunded not required)

    In order to support qualifications and teacher's license letters and to support those who wish to achieve their dreams, we also apply special scholarships that do not require payment or refund as follows to all the enrolled students at our school.

    Department Scholarship amount
    Department of Care and Welfare 196 thousand yen
    Department of Care and Welfare

    保育 - 介護 - ビジネス名古屋専門学校
    介護福祉学科 2 /
    大宮 孝騎さん

    クラスの仲間と一緒に学ぶことが多く, 絆が深まります。

    国家資格取得率が高く, open campusの時の雰囲気の良さが入学の決め手に。実際に入学してみると, 少人数制なので疑問点をすぐに先生に質問できますし, 実践的な技術を学ぶ演習やさまざまな行事などクラス全体で協力する場面が多く, 学生同士の絆が深まります。同じ目標に向かって互いに高め合える環境が整っている学校です。

    熱心な先生の指導で充実した毎 。

    当校では, 担任制によるきめ細かい指導が受けられます。特に, 実際の介護の現場で役立つ実習に関する指導が丁寧でわかりやすく, 正しい知識や技術をじっくりと学ぶことができます。また, 実際に起きた具体的な事例を検証することで, 真に必要な支援は何かということを考えながら介護に携わることの大切さを痛感しました。

    思考力 - 文章力が身につく授業で成長を実感します。

    「学生参加型 - 対話型」を重視する当校の授業を通じ, 学問の基礎となる想像力や思考力を身につけることができました。例えば座学に加えてディスカッション形式の授業を多く取り入れることでコミュニケーション力が向上。またレポートや資料の作成などを通して, 個別のケースに対する分析力や問題解決力などを培うことができました。

    A workplace where you can work

    Special nursing home for the elderly, nursing home health care facility, day service center, home nursing care support center, support center for people with disabilities, medical institutions etc.

    Eligible qualifications - teacher's license

    Qualifications that you can acquire when you graduate from a vocational school

    Care worker exam examination eligibility
    Long-term care insurance clerk
    Recreation - Instructor qualification

    What kind of work

    care worker

    We will support daily living according to the situation of the elderly and people with disabilities. It is important to build trust with not only physical nursing care but also how to respect as a single human being.

    Long-term care insurance clerk

    We will care for nursing care insurance so that care managers work smoothly.

    School expenses such as nursing care workers etc. Scholarship lending system etc.

    In addition to our own special scholarship system, we can also receive tuition fee support.
    A nursing-care welfare program such as a nursing-care welfare program can be used, which can borrow all the 1.60 million yen of monthly 50,000 yen (2 years total amount of 1.2 million yen), admission reserve 200,000 yen, and employment reserve 200,000 yen without interest I will.
    Acquire the qualification of a care worker and hold a nursing care service within Aichi prefecture within one year from the date of graduation from the day of graduation (within 3 years when the national exam is rejected etc, etc) If you engage in, you will be exempted from conversion for the full amount of the loan.

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